Case Studies

Discover how we guided businesses to success through our detailed case studies. Learn from real-world applications of our bespoke retail strategies that have transformed and propelled businesses in the digital marketplace.

Kapuluan: Changing the World with Purposeful Beauty

Founded after the catastrophic Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, their mission is to reduce poverty and enhance the livelihoods of coconut farmers by partnering with them to secure better value for their produce.The company embraces the motto “Change the world with Purposeful Beauty,” using sustainable practices to produce beauty products that promote well-being and drive environmental and social change.

Secret Beauty Club: Strategic Packaging Redesign for Enhanced Consumer Connection

In mid-2022, Secret Beauty Club embarked on a transformative journey by redesigning their product packaging, aiming for optimal retail shelf impact. This strategic move was paired with initiatives to deepen consumer relationships and was a key factor in the successful launch of their custom formulation program, significantly boosting revenue.

Troxes: Strategic Media Kit and Product Expansion

Explore how Troxes, with their unique construction system, designed and launched an engaging media kit to expand their product offerings and foster creativity in spatial thinking. This case study delves into their strategies that broadened market reach and reinforced their position as innovators in educational play.