Kapuluan: Tagline Transformation to
"Change the World with Purposeful Beauty"


Kapuluan, known for its dedication to producing high-quality, organic, and cruelty-free beauty products, faced the challenge of redefining its brand identity to emphasize its ethical commitments and its impact on social and environmental sustainability. This case study examines how the transformation of their tagline to “Change the World with Purposeful Beauty” encapsulated their mission and resonated with a broader audience.


Despite having a strong commitment to social and environmental causes, Kapuluan’s previous branding did not fully communicate the depth of its mission to potential customers. The company recognized the need to enhance its brand message to better reflect its core values of sustainability, ethical production, and social responsibility.


Through extensive market research and consumer feedback analysis, it became clear that consumers are increasingly looking for beauty products that not only meet their aesthetic and health needs but also align with their values concerning social and environmental issues. There was a significant opportunity for Kapuluan to lead with a strong, purpose-driven message that highlighted their unique position in the market.


The strategic transformation involved several key initiatives:

Tagline Redefinition: The new tagline, “Change the World with Purposeful Beauty,” was developed to succinctly convey the dual impact of Kapuluan’s products on both beauty and global betterment. It emphasized the idea that consumer choices can drive positive change.

Brand Messaging Overhaul: All marketing materials, including packaging, digital marketing, and social media content, were updated to reflect the new tagline and its implications. This overhaul was aimed at creating a consistent message across all channels.

Educational Campaigns: To deepen consumer engagement, Kapuluan launched educational campaigns focusing on the impact of ethical consumerism. These campaigns highlighted the stories of coconut farmers in developing countries, demonstrating how purchasing decisions support community development and environmental sustainability. 

Partnership and Collaborations: Strategic partnerships with environmental and social organizations were initiated to amplify the message of purposeful beauty and to create joint campaigns that leveraged the strengths of each partner.


The rebranding efforts led by the new tagline resulted in several significant outcomes: 

Increased Consumer Engagement: The clarity and appeal of the new tagline drew in a wider audience, resulting in a 50% increase in social media engagement and a 30% rise in newsletter subscriptions within the first six months. 

Strengthened Brand Loyalty: Customers reported a stronger emotional connection to the Kapuluan brand, leading to a 25% increase in repeat customer rates compared to the previous year.

Enhanced Market Position: Kapuluan solidified its position as a leader in the ethical beauty industry, recognized for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

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